Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Make Specific Dress or Outfit Requests?

Certainly! Our Angels are eager to ensure you have a memorable experience and will make every effort to accommodate your preferences for attire, whether it's a little black dress, stockings and heels, fantasy uniforms, or office wear. When booking, please inform our reception team; they will gladly relay your requests to the Angels.

2. Am I Allowed to Capture Photos or Videos During the Booking?

Some of our companions permit capturing photos and videos during your time together as a keepsake of your shared moments. However, any media recorded is strictly for your enjoyment and must not be uploaded to the internet or shared with others. 

3. Can I Make Payments Using Credit Cards?

Yes, you can make payment via credit card.

4. Is It Possible to Extend a Booking Once It Has Commenced?

If the escort does not have another confirmed booking immediately following yours, you are more than welcome to extend your current booking. Extending on an hourly basis will incur the "additional hourly" rate. However, if you choose to extend to an overnight booking (within 30 minutes of meeting your selected companion), you can do so at the discounted "overnight rate."

5. Is Tipping Expected?

None of our escorts expect tips, and we do not charge for any additional services.If you wish to bring a gift, a bottle of wine or perfume is a thoughtful gesture.

6. Are There Cancellation Charges?

As long as you are considerate enough to notify our reception team BEFORE the scheduled start of your booking and provide as much notice as possible in the event of a cancellation, no charges will be applied.

7. Are Shower Facilities Provided?

All our ladies are based in upscale apartments or hotels where you can use their shower facilities. Towels and toiletries will always be readily available. Ensuring you are clean upon arrival (or utilizing the provided shower) can greatly enhance your overall experience, as our companions find cleanliness important.

8. Do You Offer 30-Minute Bookings?

No, the minimum booking duration is 1 hour. However, you are welcome to conclude your session after 30 minutes, but you will still be charged for a full hour.

9. What Is the Duration of an Overnight Booking?

If your overnight booking starts AFTER 8 p.m., the duration is 9 hours. If it is a "daytime overnight" or an "early overnight" that begins BEFORE 8 p.m., the duration extends to 10 hours.Do we hire male escorts?

Our agency exclusively employs female escorts, and we do not have opportunities for male escorts.

10. Is there a minimum age requirement for customers?

Customers must be at least 18 years old to use our services.

11. Are escorts routinely tested for HIV?

Yes, our escorts undergo regular HIV testing.

12. Can couples make a booking?

Yes, couples are welcome to book our escort services.

13. Is a Threesome an Option?

Yes, it's possible with an additional fee.

14. Do You Arrange Escorts for Bachelor Parties?

We provide Escorts for bachelor parties. However, additional charges may apply for specific services.

15. What's the Procedure for Canceling or Rescheduling a Date?

Our policy is customer-friendly. You're free to cancel or reschedule your date at any time. Note that convenience charges may be incurred if a girl arrives at your location.

16. How Far in Advance Should I Book an Appointment?

You can schedule your booking up to a week in advance. We recommend booking at least three hours before your desired time for convenience.

17. Is Advance Payment Required?

Yes, advance payment is a must for booking.

18. Can I Reserve Multiple Escorts Simultaneously?

You're welcome to book any number of Escorts. Discounts are available for multiple bookings.

19. Do You Accept Foreign Currency?

Yes, we do accept foreign currency.

20. How Can I Ensure I'll Have a Great Time with an Authentic Independent Escort?

The profiles showcased on our website are genuine independent escorts. You can gauge their authenticity through their communication and how they treat clients. Most are professionals, and your transaction is directly with them, ensuring privacy and quality service.